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Our repair shop websites are beautiful workhorses, thoroughly researched and developed according to your specific needs and personal preferences. Based on your location and services, your website will be tailored to your business goals, whether you want to target a particular market or increase your numbers across the board.


We provide the following services and tools for our web clients:


Customized Website Designs

SEO Marketing

Web Consulting



Digital Marketing & Advertising



Social Media Management



Vehicle Listing App



A well-designed, customized website can establish and grow your brand by highlighting the qualities and attributes that make your shop unique. Along with telling your story through visual images, your website should be interesting, easy to use, and built on a cutting-edge platform. Our team will also work with you to create an attractive, memorable logo that identifies your shop.


Our talented designers will make sure that your website’s photos, colors, navigation, and page backgrounds are all themed around your shop’s look and services. We will get to know and understand your personal preferences, such as your favorite colors and fonts, and incorporate them into your website’s design in a manner that’s impactful and aesthetically pleasing.


We know there are many template websites out there that you can use for free. However, these websites are not capable of performing at the same level as a customized auto repair shop website. And they still require significant time to build and maintain. We don’t know many shop owners who have a spare minute, let alone the hours necessary to create a handsome, high-functioning website.

Let us do it for you. Without a customized website, you may be unwittingly holding your success at bay—when you could be bringing more cars into your bays.


Current and compelling content is key to a successful auto repair shop website. By content, we mean the actual text that’s contained in your site, such as your welcome message, bio, and descriptions of your services. Importantly, content increases the likelihood that search engines will direct Internet users to your site, but it also gives you a chance to tell your story.

We work directly with our clients to create content that bridges the gap between shop owner and customer. Of course, people want to know you can fix their cars, but they also want to know you. Personal touches—for instance, the story of how you lovingly restored your first project car—transform your website from being a mere postcard of your shop to being an interactive, intimate experience.

To create your content, we start by asking you to describe yourself and your business in your own words. Then, our writers fine-tune what you give us, making sure it’s grammatically correct, informative, and fun to read. We want to create the impression that you’re talking directly to your customer, providing guidance and assurance.

When potential customers feel they know you—and believe they can trust you—before they’ve even set foot inside your shop, you also plant the seed for a long-term relationship.


In January 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices (i.e. smartphones) overtook desktop internet usage, accounting for 55% of all Internet usage in the United States. Also important, 56% of all mobile searches done outside the home have local intent, which means the user is looking for a result in a specific location. Of these searches, 50% resulted in in-store visits.

As an auto shop owner, you can think of it this way: Most people have their smartphones with them when they’re out on the road. In the event of an accident or breakdown, they’ll turn to their phones to find a good auto shop in the area. For these potential customers, it’s important for your site to look great and function well on every device!


Our repair shop websites are built responsively, which means your customers will get the same functionality, experience, and content whether they find your site on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. A responsive website is easier to navigate because it automatically adjusts to a device’s screen size with minimal scrolling, panning, and resizing.



HTML5 is the current global Internet standard for coding web pages. Our sites are HTML5 compliant, and we also use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create user-friendly websites. CSS enables us to manipulate content and style separately, which means we can easily change a visual aspect of your website without disrupting your core content.


What’s the point of having an awesome website if people can’t find it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in a search engine’s unpaid, or “organic,” search results. More simply, proven SEO techniques and strategies help your website rank well when a potential customer searches for auto repair (or another automotive service you provide) in your area.



After your site is built and optimized, we submit it to the major search engines, as well as local directories. Local SEO is an important part of marketing for auto repair shops because people usually search for auto repair in a specific town or area. For example, a potential customer may search for “truck repair in Greenville.”

And that’s not all. Consulting is the backbone of our company. When you have a Management Success! website, you’ll receive ongoing website SEO services, as well as advice and guidance for helping your website thrive. We want you to get traffic online and customers in the door! You will be assigned a personal web representative who will consult with you every month to help you keep your site fresh and effective.


The way a vehicle’s maintained says a lot about its owner. The same goes for social media. For example, an inactive Facebook page implies a lack of interest in connecting with customers online, while an active Facebook page builds customer loyalty and further establishes your authenticity. In fact, your Facebook page can be one of your most valuable online marketing tools—and it’s free! At MS Web Pros, we know our way around all the major social media sites. We can help you engage current and potential customers alike!



If you sell vehicles in addition to running your shop, then you’ll benefit from our Vehicle Listing App. It’s an add-on service that allows you to feature vehicles you’re selling at your own discretion via backend access. You can upload photos and content and fill out appropriate fields for the vehicle make, model, year, and description. Once you’re done, your listing will automatically appear on your website.