What’s ASE Certified & Why Does It Matter?

Use your website to explain your certifications.

In the automotive repair industry, “ASE Certified” is thrown around a lot by technicians and shop owners. But do your customers know what certification means? Do they realize not all mechanics hold certifications, and that it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to acquire proper training? We’re sorry to tell you—probably not. You have to market your certifications.

Wes Severi, a senior consultant here at Management Success!, recently spoke to Ratchet+Wrench about how shops can effectively market their training certifications to boost their perceived credibility and expertise among customers. Check out the article, and continue reading to learn more about highlighting ASE Certification on your website.

It’s ok—go ahead and brag a little bit.

Let your new and existing customers know you are committed to professionalism, continuing education, and proper automotive training. Distinguish yourself and your shop from mechanics who lack formal certification. There’s no shame in touting your accomplishments! You and your technicians have worked hard to maintain your certifications, and your customers should recognize their value. It means they can count on you for quality work and stellar service.

As Wes explains, “Marketing and promoting your shop’s training certifications is one way to generate a favorable attitude toward your business among members of the community. It demonstrates the professionalism of your facility, illustrates your core values, provides confidence in the expertise of your technicians, and improves perceptions of the level of care you’re able to offer during the repair experience.”

Posting your certifications online is critical.

The primary place customers search for information about your business is your website—it’s the tool they use to gauge your business. Therefore, posting your shop’s certifications online, along with an explanation of the certification, is critical for attracting new customers.  

Explaining your certifications can set you apart.

At MS Web Pros, we give you the opportunity to tell us about your shop when we’re building your website. One thing we ask is “what sets you apart from other shops in your area?” In our experience, not all of our clients’ competitors mention whether or not they hold any certifications, and almost none explain what those certifications mean.

You can really make your shop stand out by explaining the significance of being certified. This can be as simple as talking about the certification process as you would to a curious friend or acquaintance. Just put it in writing. For example:

“An ASE Certified technician is a mechanic who’s fulfilled the voluntary requirements for certification by the U.S. National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. To become ASE Certified, you have to have at least two years of work experience and pass at least one specialty test, and you must renew your certifications every five years. At ABC Automotive, we have technicians ASE Certified in heating/cooling systems, brakes and suspension, and drive trains. We’ve spent more than a decade of combined training hours earning these certifications, making us experts on these systems.”

If you’re Master Certified, let your potential customers know that you’ve taken a series of subject tests, and provide examples of exams you’ve  successfully passed. A test you name may be the exact service your potential customer is looking for.

Learn more about marketing your certifications!

You worked hard to earn your certifications, and your customers should understand the time and effort it takes to be an excellent automotive technician. They’ll be more likely to appreciate your expertise and respect your advice. To learn more about marketing your certifications, contact Management Success! today.